Pediatrician & Immunologist

Good health and welcome!

My name is Stepan Beglaryan.
I’m pediatrician & pediatric immunologist, MD, PhD.

  • Main directions of the work as physician:
    • general pediatrics,
    • diagnostic of primary immunodeficiencies,
    • vaccination of children and adults.

I consult patients in Smart Medical Center
in Kyiv, Ukraine:

Also I develop medical web services.
My main international online service is Vakarta – vaccination card. People say it’s the best immunization planner in the world.

My blog posts are mainly in Ukrainian.
I think about English posts in future.


Stepan Beglaryan

Stepan Beglaryan, pediatrician, pediatric immunologist.
I consult patients in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Web developer. Founder of Vakarta.

Try personal immunization planner:
Vakarta – vaccination card